Cringe videos are so much fun aren’t they?

Cringe videos are awesome. Lets be honest, we’ve all had those embarrassing moments. We’ve all had those cringe worthy moments where something unexpected happens and you don’t want to be seen in public for days. Cringe videos are a great guilt free way to laugh at that pain, but really we’re just laughing at ourselves. So go, watch until your heart’s content. Get a good chuckle, watch these people embarrass the shit out of themselves. We’ll be seeing you on here soon enough hehehe.

Cringe VideosThis site is created with a simple purpose, to give you a good laugh. Maybe you’re in a bad mood, tired at work, driven insane by politics or just bored out of your mind. Whatever your reason cringe videos are a great distraction from the real world, and we need a lot more distractions these days don’t we? So you watch that kid try and go super saiyan. You watch that guy shit the pool. You laugh at video after video of people totally failing at something and enjoy your well earned break from reality.

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