10 Snapchats That Should Have Been Deleted

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Some Snapchatters don’t realize their Snaps can get saved, and that can lead to some seriously embarrassing Snapchats that should have been deleted. Thought all your Snaps self-destructed within 10 seconds? Think again. They can live on forever. And get shared on the Internet. This can be particularly embarrassing when it involves sexy Snapchats with lots of flesh on display. Or those moments when you’ve done something you’ve regretted and shared it with your friend, only to have the whole world find out about your one night stand. Even if you’re trying to hurt someone with your x-rated Snap, you might find it comes back and bites you on the behind. From Snapcheaters getting their comeuppance to shocking party pics, we’re showing you the top 10 Snapchats that should not have been sent or saved.

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