17 Cringe Worthy Online Shopping Fails

From a cardigan much suited for a toddler to a pair of epic looking leggings, here are 17 Cringe Worthy Online Shopping Fails.

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8. Sizing Discrepancies
The woman wearing the much smaller looking cardigan is Lindsay Ferrier, who bought a whole slew of clothes from a site called DressLily.com. Ferrier is a blogger from Nashville, Tennessee and decided to document her online shopping experience with a website that sells incredibly cheap and supposedly fashionable items. It’s probably needless to say, but most of the clothing items Ferrier purchased did not meet how they were advertised. According to Ferrier, all the things she bought were “cheap” and “poorly made” with some clothes full of holes and other pieces with strings hanging off it. The red cardigan honestly doesn’t look too bad, but it’s definitely like half the size it said it was shown to be.

7. The Giant Teddy Bear
This is one of those instances where you don’t probably aren’t raging mad at the mistake you got in the mail. The man who had ordered a solenoid valve had gotten this giant teddy bear in the mail instead. Now, most people don’t order solenoid valves just for the fun of it, so it was probably something the man really needed. However, it doesn’t seem like he’s taking the mistake by Amazon to heart. It looks like he’s enjoying his new friend’s company. They’re even playing xbox together. And people act as if video games and plush toys were only for kids.

6. Toy Shoes
You really can’t just trust pictures of products on the internet. Make sure you see photos of a person actually wearing the clothes you’re about to buy off the internet and not just stock photos of someone else modelling them. You might end up with the boots Sally Bryson’s sister ended up with. What were meant for a Halloween costume ended being more fitting for a doll. Bryson posted the picture on her Twitter, so while the boots are definitely cute, it’s cute in a way her sister probably didn’t intend to spend her money.

5. Lion Ordered
This probably isn’t what DJ Khaled meant when he watered his lion statue once. This flower arrangement that was supposed to better resemble this lion on the left was ordered by Colleen Kane. She purchased it from a website called 1-800-Flowers.com and what she got delivered was a much more wilted, sad version of the flower lion she thought she was going to get. Not only is the nose and mouth off-center, but c’mon. They used googly eyes instead of the plain black ones they showed in the photo.

4. Happy Canada Day
Sometimes you just want to show how patriotic you are. Sizes in T-shirts usually come easy enough with small, medium, and large. However, what was said online to be a loose fitting large collared shirt turned out to sit almost like an extra small. If he kept that shirt, he must really love Canada a lot–or was too lazy to exchange it.

3. 21 Pie-lots
This one is too perfect of a pun for it to not have been intentional. After Twitter user @softprince ordered a phone case for her iPhone, she was expecting the design to look like the picture of the band Twenty-one pilots. What she got is even better, if you’re a person that’s inclined to a play on words. Covering the face of drummer Josh Dunne is that of a slice of pie. But why? Was it an intentional joke on the part of the phone case seller? It’s not really clear. Personally, receiving this version of the picture would be pretty funny.

2. Wooden Television
TV sets don’t get made with wood as often as they used to when television first became a thing half a century ago. Whoever bought what was supposed to be a flat screen, however, would probably have liked it better if they got a 50 year old wooden television set instead of this wrapped up slab of wood.

1. When You Just Accept It
Here’s something to go up on a light note. Imgur user “WhiteHousePressSecretaryMelissaMcCarthy” (no really, that’s their username and we’re pretty sure it’s not the real Melissa McCarthy) posted this image of a pair of leggings. What they originally ordered was supposed to be a pair of sweatpants. Instead, they got these awesome rainbow leggings with a unicorn on one leg and a robotic t-rex on the other. The two look like they’re about to fight each other, which makes it even better. In replied to the misdelivery, WhiteHousePressSecretaryMelissaMcCarthy replied with the caption, “I’m not even mad.” Who would be mad, to be honest?

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