A Gift for the Billionaires: A Romance for the Rest of Us

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Aubrey has a pretty big problem. She has two childhood friends that grew up to be billionaires, while she is still living paycheck to paycheck. She just can’t come up an idea for presents to get the men who can simply buy anything they want for themselves. She can’t bake cookies, couldn’t knit a sweater to save her life, and is rapidly running out of time to find not just one, but two perfect gifts. After a useless shopping trip with her friends to the mall she discovers a unique young woman named Summer who just might be the solution to her dilemma.

Oliver and Trenton define success in their fields and just wish Aubrey would accept that despite their financial differences, they want nothing more than to make her happy. Try as they might, she would never just swallow her pride and accept their lavish gifts until this year when she and her new friend Summer give each of them something more important than money.

Amie’s note – This book is a standalone novelette and now comes with the bonus of Amie Heights : The Complete Collection.


When they got to the East wing, and it was a long walk, they saw he had not been exaggerating. There were gift baskets to the billionaire from his business colleagues stacked up everywhere in the large room. In the middle, where the roof peaked, was a giant Christmas tree. It was covered in lights, with gold and silver ornaments shining brightly. Summer and Aubrey stood in front of the tree, taking it all in, noticing the little touches.
“Let me guess, these are real silver and gold trimmings, aren’t they? And those extra sparkles, I bet those are diamonds,” Aubrey asked Trenton over her shoulder.
“Well, I think they are just plated in gold, if they were solid they would be too heavy. Why don’t you take a couple home with you and find out?”
He was still trying to share his money with her, hoping that someday she would accept it. While Aubrey demurely declined Summer had no such problems, and she plucked off a couple of the sparkling bright balls and placed them in her bag.
“Summer!” yelled Aubrey, “I think he was joking.”
Oliver was laughing heartily.
“Hey Trent, you are losing some ornaments!” he called out.
“Take them, take them. That will be my Christmas present for you,” Trenton said, overjoyed that someone had finally taken him up on the offer. He had offered the Tiffany & Company original ornaments to everyone who had come over in the last month. No one had ever been so brazen as to accept him at his word and take them, much less to grab them off the tree.
He found that he was really liking Summer, plus the fact that she looked stunning in her black dress helped a lot too. He considered asking Aubrey for her number after Christmas, but did not want to be too forward.
While the girls had been looking (and in Summer’s case, taking from) the tree, Oliver had walked up behind them carrying a large box. It was beautifully wrapped in gold foil paper, and was festooned in shimmering bows and bangles. Aubrey knew that one of Oliver’s personal assistant was the one who had to have done the wrapping, because his own skill at that was laughable.
“Oh, that’s gorgeous!” she exclaimed, accepting it from him.
They set on one of the plush couches together. Oliver and Trenton in the middle with the girls on either side. Aubrey opened the box, sorry that she had to destroy it to get to the gift inside.
Both Summer and Aubrey peered in and gasped. Inside the box was an assortment of perfumes, jewelry, the newest iPhone that was not set to be released until next year, a pile of gift certificates, and an airline envelope that had to contain tickets to Paris because they had a little drawing of the Eiffel tower on it. There was a golden writing pen, and a platinum makeup compact with her initials tastefully engraved on it.
Aubrey sighed, feeling guilty at never being able to give a gift in return that wo

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