Accidentally Blasting Embarrassing Songs in the Library Prank

This is the Accidentally Blasting Embarrassing Songs in the Library Prank. So we went to the library in 2 separate Universities and we “accidentally” started blasting embarrassing songs out loud for everyone to hear. We saw many other videos of people doing pranks in the library and we decided to do one ourselves. We got a lot of funny reactions when we blasted embarrassing songs in the library. We hope you guys enjoyed this accidentally blasting embarrassing songs in the library prank video and make sure to SUBSCRIBE for more videos!

Songs (in order)
Tyga- Do my dance
Drowning Pool- Bodies
Aqua- Barbie Girl
Rebecca Black- Friday
Spongebob Squarepants- F.U.N. song
Kelis- Milkshake
cupcakKe- Deepthroat

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Intro Song- Dread Pitt – Pyro [NCS Release]

Outro Song- Jo Cohen & BQ – Glowing At Night [NCS Release]


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