Another Koreaboo, Kpop, Racism Cringe Compilation (That No One Asked For But Here You Go)

Edit [Again (again (again))]: StOp AskING fOr the InTRo SonNG IT’s IN the DescriptiON Ffs

Edit [Again (again)]: Nevermind, I keep trying to re-upload it but the audio is still bad, sorry. I’ll try to figure out the problem so other videos aren’t so laggy.

Edit (again): Probably gonna re-upload this just so you know,
something definitely went wrong when I uploaded it

Edit: ok so the ending kinda got glitchy and the music tracks overlapped, sorry about that, hopefully I can fix the issue for later vids

K please read the things I write. That might help prevent you from flying into an unnecessary rage.

In my last Compilation I used a video of a girl doing Korean-style makeup. People in the comments were telling me I shouldn’t have put that in the video. That was my mistake, I meant to put a clip of what someone said while REACTING to that video, but my dumb self put the original clip, not the reaction.
Bermuda Triangle – Zico
Eternal Youth – Rude

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