Best All Natural Back Scrubber and Bath Mitt Set, BONUS HANGING HOOKS, Durable Hemp Exfoliating Body Scrubber – Exfoliate Your Skin From Head to Toe With Ease in the Shower or Tub, Machine Washable


How often do you exfoliate? If you’re not taking steps to whisk away dead skin every day in the tub or shower, you’re missing out on the chance to have healthier, more beautiful skin from head to toe.

The good news is that it’s easy to exfoliate every time that you bathe! All that you need is the Modern Skin Labs Back Scrubber and Bath Mitt Set.

With the stylish Modern Skin Labs Back Scrubber and Bath Mitt Set, you’ll receive:

-1 x BODY SCRUBBER MITT Slip the handle over your hand, and you can easily scrub your skin from head to toe. It’s dual handed so you can switch hands for comfort.

-1 x SHOWER BACK SCRUBBER Take hold of the handles of this 27-inch long back scrubber, and you can exfoliate your neck, back, buttocks and the backs of your legs without having to twist and reach.

-2 x SHOWER HOOKS Use the bonus hooks to hang up the exfoliating body and back scrubbers in between uses for quicker drying.

Compared to other body scrubber tools on Amazon, the shower back scrubber and mitt in the Modern Skin Labs Back Scrubber and Bath Mitt Set stand out because they’re:

-GENTLER Our exfoliating body set is highly effective but won’t abrade or injure your skin like harsh pumice or rough synthetic materials.

-LONGER-LASTING Hemp is a very strong material and with careful craftsmanship our shower back scrubber and hemp mitt was built to last.

-EASIER TO CARE FOR You can machine wash the body scrubber and back scrubber for added convenience.

-A BETTER VALUE We give you the shower back scrubber, the exfoliating body mitt and two hooks for one amazing price. We are so confident you will love this set that we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee or your money back so you have nothing to lose.

Exfoliate from head to toe the easy, eco-friendly way! Order the Modern Skin Labs Back Scrubber and Bath Mitt Set today. This attractive set makes a fabulous gift!

BEST VALUE – YOU GET A BACK SCRUBBER & DUAL SIDED MITT TO EXFOLIATE YOUR ENTIRE BODY FOR SMOOTH, SOFT, RADIANT SKIN This attractive All Natural Hemp Back Scrubber and Exfoliating Body Mitt set is your perfect natural solution for fighting against back acne, dry skin, rashes and other embarrassing skin problems. Exfoliation helps to bring new life to your complexion by unclogging pores for clearer skin and removing dead skin cells speeding up the skin renewal process for healthier glowing skin
PERFECT DESIGN TO MAKE SCRUBBING EASY & FAST Our back scrubber is 27 inches long and is a dual side scrubber, so it’s easy to use and allows you to quickly reach every inch of your back. Strong double handles make it easy to grip. Unlike many exfoliation gloves, our mitt can be used on either hand making it easy to get all sides of your body. The Natual Hemp material gives your body the perfect scrub while not scratching
BUILT TO LAST & FRIENDLY TO THE PLANET We specifically chose hemp because of it’s strong natural fibers making this body scrubber durable and long lasting, while being earth friendly
SO EASY TO CLEAN – JUST THROW IT IN THE WASH No need to mess with bleach or other cleaning solutions – simply toss the shower back scrubber and mitt in the washing machine to keep them hygienic and in good condition
100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE & BONUS HOOKS INCLUDED As a special gift, we are including two hooks with our body scrubber set, so you can hang your exfoliating body mitt and shower back scrubber up in between uses to help with faster drying. Also our 100% satisfication guarantee allows you to try out this perfect exfoliation set risk free. So order now to take advantage of the low introductory price. Consider buying one for a friend – makes a great gift! (see holiday promotions below)

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