CRINGE: James O’Keefe CAUGHT Trying to Set Up Washington Post (VIDEO)

In this Majority Report clip, we watch some hilarious footage of a woman, revealed to be a colleague of James O’Keefe, get caught red handed trying to set up the Washington Post.

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—James O’Keefe’s anti-media organization Project Veritas schemed to hurt The Washington Post and help Roy Moore.

But the Post turned the tables and exposed the plot. Now O’Keefe is the one on the defensive.

It’s an extraordinary and sordid story that begins with a fake allegation. The apparent goal was to discredit the real women who previously spoke with the Post about alleged misconduct by Moore, the Republican nominee for Senate in Alabama.

O’Keefe, a highly controversial activist, had one of his colleagues reach out to the Post with a new, made-up account of Moore’s behavior.

The hope within Project Veritas appears to have been that the Post would reveal anti-Moore bias in the initial conversations and perhaps eventually publish the lie. —

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