Cringe: Mike Pence Tells Donald Trump How Much He Loves Him

In this Majority Report clip, we watch Vice President Mike Pence tell Donald Trump how much he loves him.

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—Well, thank you, Mr. President. Thank you for those kind words. But more importantly, thank you for your leadership. Thank you for your boundless faith in the American people, and thank you for keeping your promise to see this Congress deliver the largest tax cut in American history before Christmas of this year. Merry Christmas, America. (Applause.)

To members of our Cabinet, to Leader McConnell, to Speaker Ryan, to all these members of Congress: Thank you. Thank you not only for being here today for this special moment, but thank you for your leadership and support throughout this year.

I truly do believe, Mr. President, that this will be remembered as a pivotal moment in the life of our nation, a day when the Congress answered your call and made history.—

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