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Product Parameter:
Material: Plastic
Barrel size: 4.3 * 5.5IN(W*H)
Pirate size: 2.5 * 3.5IN(W*H)
Sword size: 1.2 * 3.1IN(W*H)
Suitable age: over 3 years old
Help to relieve stress.
A good parent-child toy.
Ideal gift for Christmas and Halloween.
This bucket can be also used as a piggy bank.
Package List: 1 Set ( Barrel*1 , Pirate*1 , Toy Sword*24-random color)

Playing Rules:
1. Insert the black bead doll into the barrel and then turn it for a few rounds.
2. The players in turn stab their respective daggers into different holes on the barrel.
3. The one who can cause the black beard to fly out wins or loses, as decided before the game.
4. Hold the barrel with one hand and stab the dagger into the holes on the barrel. Which hold on earth can I use to fly out the black beard? Think and choose and play.
5. Once the doll is turned, the corresponding hole for the dagger to fly him out also changer.
6. Fix the black beard’s bottom on the cove which is on the barrel head. And turn it left(right), then you will open the barrel.

As the black beard files out with force, do not peep over the barrel.
Don’t let your head near the bucket when play the toy, avoid bullet wounds.
Contact us at any time if there is any question, we’ll reply as soon as possible.Made with non-toxic, non irritating odor ABS plastic, which is environmental protection and durable. The toy swords are safe to use and have no pointed ends.
Cartoon character and Multicolor. the pirates have a black beard, wearing a black eye and red plastic scarf on head, silly lovely sitting on a barrel, which attract children interests about this games.
Take turns sliding the colorful swords into the barrel. Beware – if the pirate pops up on your turn, you are out of the game. The barrel can be also used as a coin container, helps to cultivate kids’ habits of saving money.
The surprise family/party/office game is a real barrel of fun. Random Pop out, full of interesting challenges and tension. Active parties to avoid an embarrassing atmosphere.
Note: The pirates will jump out of the barrel of the organization. Do not stick on your head while playing in the barrel, otherwise the bounce will hurt your eyes. Children should be used under parental care.

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