Fans vs Quincy: Collaborating with Diddy, Most Embarrassing Moment and More

SKEE.TV and Dash Radio hosted a meet and greet with Quincy, where our host, Jen DeLeon let the fans pick the questions for their interview. Watch the video to hear about collaborating with Diddy, his most embarrassing moment and more.

0:43 // Does he plan on collaborating with Diddy?
1:03 // Favorite Color.
1:20 // What he likes to do on his spare time.
1:55 // What he likes to do outside of bowling.
2:28 // Writing on computer vs notebook.
3:05 // Does he creep on Instagram.
3:56 // Most embarrassing thing that has happened to him.
5:11 // When do people in relationships get comfortable?
5:52// Pet peeves.
6:31 // His Christmas list.

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