“Hey Yo” Demi Lovato’s Reaction To Britney Spears’ Embarrassing Moment On ‘The X Factor’

After Britney Spears tells a pair of contestants that their voices “are magical…
and I wish you could wake me up in the morning,” the audience starts to laugh and
she quickly tries to clarify “Singing! Singing!”. Simon pounces on the comic opportunity,
declaring: “Fiancé in the house, awkward” 🙂

Britney: “Your voices are magical. When you sing, you have a really nice soothing sound.
And I wish you could wake me up in the morning”
Josh: “Thank you!”
Demi’s reaction: “Hey Yo!!” 🙂
Josh: “You were speaking wake me up in the morning”
Britney: “Singing…singing”
Josh: “Of course…singing”
Simon: “Fiancé in the house. Awkward!
Simon: “So, you think they’re like an alarm clock?”
Britney: “Yes!”
Simon: “You’d like the two of them to be like human alarm clocks”?
Britney: “When you sing the song on the radio, when you wake up in the morning?”
Simon: “Why have you gone red?”
Britney: “I dunno!” 🙂

The contestants Jeremiah and Josh, both 22 and from Austin, performed
an original song titled “Now Life Starts” at their Austin audition.
But they were eliminated during the last round of Boot Camp.

Demi’s twitter, follow her https://twitter.com/ddlovato

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