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The guys of One Direction continue their US domination, and their most recent stop in San Jose, California has fans cracking up more than ever. As usual, the guys of 1D answered a ton of fan questions. At the request of fans, the serenaded the crowd with Drake, did some beat boxing, their dance moves from Saturday Night Live, and then, well Liam totally spilled the beans on a VERY personal and embarrassing story. And this is why we here and CLevverTV love the dudes of 1D — they just don’t hold back at all! When one fan asked what their most embarrassing childhood memory was — Liam was quick to chime in and tell a story his childhood. He recalled going on a family vacation with some friends who’d also joined them and there was one girl that he QUOTE “really fancied” and she was much, much older. He said the whole group had gone out and he doesn’t remember why but the girl randomly tickled him, and he peed his pants!!!! The audience went wild, and even his band mates seemed shocked he’d share such an embarrassing story. If you want to check out the video footage from San Jose and this hilarious and revealing story click the link below. Let us know if this had you laughing out loud by commenting below. Stick with CLevverTV for ongoing One Direction scoop as news breaks by subscribing to our channel on YouTube. I’m Joslyn Davis — thanks for stopping by!

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