Newaey Le Tooter Create Realistic Farting Sounds Fart Pooter Machine Handheld party toy


  This item is for 1 Le Tooter fart noise maker.

Do you love making fake fart noises to make others embarrassed? Then you absolutely need this nifty little gadget! The Pooter is a soft noisemaker that fits In the palm of your hand. Just squeeze it, and the air inside rushes out to create the most realistic fart sounds known to man! Now, funny farts are right at your fingertips. Le Tooter is not made up from any electronic bits and Pieces – it uses old fashioned air technology to create a different farting sound every time. You get hundreds to even thousands of uses before it is disposed. So get a bunch for the kids because the laughs will be endless.


Practice and technique is required to learn the art form of farting. There is a learning curve with this item so the more you practice the better you will get. You can even watch Youtube videos tutorials. This is the most realistic and most fun artificial flatulence Maker on earth! We are silly low with our prices of prank novelties & we make sure of it.

How to toot:

1. Hold Le Tooter in your hand with the hole pressed against your palm;
2. Squeeze with your fingers;
3. Practice positioning your le tooter in different areas of your palm for the perfect pitch toot;
4. perfect tooting is an artform. So be sure to keep practicing.

1 x Tooter

The Tooter makes the most realistic farting noises known to man! Using this soft rubber device is a gas! Just squeeze for funny, farting fun.
Do you like making fake fart sounds embarrassing others? So you definitely need this smart gadget! Just squeeze it, the air inside out, creating a high simulation fart sound! Funny fart is on your fingertips.
Put the empty face up to the palm of your hand, and squeeze it, and you can hear the fart sound.
Product size: 4*4.4cm
Package Content: 1 pcs Toy

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