NFL QB Mark Sanchez’s Embarrassing Moment (Official) [HD]

Mark Sanchez is jumpy when he’s on line of scrimmage play
Judging by how he reacted to a feint move by Drayton Florence on Sunday, I’m going to go out on a limb and say Mark Sanchez doesn’t like those startling scenes in movies where things jump out of nowhere.
Late in the New York Jets’ victory over the Buffalo Bills, Sanchez was lined up wide in the Wildcat formation when the cornerback bluffed his start before the snap. This caused Sanchez to jump like a puppy during a thunderstorm, put up his hands like Pacman Jones and retreat like the French army.
Watch Sanchez at the top of the screen on the initial play, then stick around through Ed Hochuli’s explanation for the close-up replay.
Sanchez was so riled up by Florence’s feint that he was called for holding on the play. Not that Phil Simms could hear that through his cackling.

(*DISCLAIMER: All footage belongs to the National Football League and FOX. I simply posted this footage for non-infringement purposes.)

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