PEATAO Beware of the Dog Family Party Game Don’t Take the Buster’s Bone Toy for Adult Kids Funny(US STOCK)


Product Specification:

100% Brand New
Material: Plastic
Size: 20 x 20cm/ 7.8 x 7.8inch (L x H)
Powered By: 3 x AA 1.5V Battery (Not Included)
Suitable Age: Above 5 years old
Warning: Small parts, Not for children under 3 years old

Package content: 1 x bulldog, 1 x Dog Bowl, 24 x Different colors of bones, 1 x Cat tonenail clipper, 24 x Cards, 1 x Instructions

How to play this toys?
1.First, after pressing down the building’s body, lightly turn its head rightwards until the “click” sound occurs so as to make it show a sleeping posture.
2.Mix many colors of bones well together, place them in the dog bowl and then lightly push the switch hung on the dog bowl rightwards to start up the power supply.
3.Mix the cards together, makes them face down and place them in front of the dog, or give them to each person in the game.
4.The person with the card shall turn over the card to show it to others.
5.According the colors and quantity marked in the card, please use a clamp to take out the corresponding bones from the dog bowl.
6.The person who draws a blank card should skip over the sequence, and the next person should turn over the next card. Or, figures or patterns can be drawn in the blank card to replace the missing or damaged card for use.
7.If the bones are taken out successfuly according to marking in the card, the next person should turn over the card on the topside according to the same method.
8.If the dog is waken up in the process of taking out bones, the dog will stand up suddenly and make an awful sound. The person who wakes up the dog will be knocked out of the game.
★PEATAO Bad Dog toy is made of high-quality sturdy plastic material, environmental health, harmless for kids
★Players use a cat’s paw to try and steal the most bones without waking the angry pooch, the angry bulldog will jump up spontaneously and bark fiercely if you wake him up
★By figuring out how to pick up the correct numbers and colors of bones showed on card, it will improve children’s precise hand-eye coordination in nerve wracking situation
★Beware of the dog but his bark is worse than his bite! It’s a suspenseful skill and action game that will keep children giggling and parents shrieking
★It is very suitable for the party, to break the embarrassing atmosphere of dull. It is nice for birthday gifts or Christmas gifts

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