Pill Organizer [ 80% OFF TODAY ONLY ] – 7 Day Push Button AM PM Pill Box – Small Portable Medicine Case with Compartments (PEARL)


Sick of traditional pill cases?

Your search for the best portable pill dispenser is finally over. Are you sick of traditional pill boxes looking too medical, lugging around your bottles and being judged from prying eyes?

Zuup is a stylish, discreet, and portable pill dispenser that fits into your busy lifestyle.

Like no other, Zuup patented carousel technology (US8397946) lets you to swap out cartridges that are filled with your daily cycle, working with a single click push dispensing on the go!

A breakthrough engineering in push button technology, Zuup is taking the US by storm.

Reasons to get Zuup
Zuup goes where you go and keeps you on top of your health within your busy lifestyle.
Natural, habit-based design means you already know how to use it when you get it.
With Zuup, you don’t have to worry about people judging you because of the pills you take.

• Fits in your purse & bag – Now you never need to worry about not having your pills when you need them again!

• A Subtle Reminder – Zuup has a number counter on the back to help you remember as you click through your pill cycle.

• It’s hip, trendy and cute – It has a gorgeous design, is incredibly easy to use, and a style that will make your friends jealous. Best of all, they won’t even know what you’re taking!

• Protects your tablets – Plastic bags and other low quality pill dispensers don’t take care of your pills. Zuup keeps your tablets safe, clean, and fresh every time. Each cartridge comes in 7 slots that fit 2-3 small to medium pills, about 20 pills at a time.

Your Satisfaction is 100% Guaranteed with Zuup Push Button Pill Dispenser

Help Yourself, Family, and Friends manage their medication discreetly. Order 1 for each medication you manage. Also makes the perfect thoughtful gift.

Click The ‘ADD TO CART’ Button Now and Fast track your way to better health!EASE OF DELIVERY & THOUGHTFUL DISPENSING – Push button dispensing technology helps you be cool, healthy, and discreet when you take your pills in public. Enjoy them in a meeting, with complete discretion and social acceptability. On the rear, you can read a numerical counter showing the pill position to ensure you have taken your scheduled regimen completely.
PORTABLE ELEGANCE – Pocket & purse friendly design, metallic paint finish sparkles, with soft tactile rubber side gripping helps fit comfortably in the palm of your hand, with metallic base and side faceted accents provide refreshing elegance to your pill dispensing experience. Each cartridge fits into the dispenser has 7 slots and can fit 2-3 oblong and round pills, carrying up to 14 to 21 pills on the go.
DISCREET AND SOCIAL FRIENDLY – Zuup dispenser is a unique, fun, and aesthetically pleasing system designed to carry your pills in style and away from prying eyes. Forget spilling pills when you fill, open and try organize them everywhere. Avoid embarrassing moments when taking your meds in public. Activate the cool push button dispenser with ease and confidence in public. A simply click the button and pills release easily. Need more pills, click again.
RUGGED AND SAFE – The sturdy frame body is constructed of high density ABS frame providing safe from drops and all day protection, and FDA food grade plastic within the interior cartridge holds your pills with highest standard of safety.
COOL RUGGED DESIGN – Stylish pill dispenser available. Deluxe, Fashion, Decorative Planner System, Medication Holder, Divided Premium Chest, Great Stylish Gift for Women. Your satisfaction is guaranteed, with 100% no hassle money back guarantee. No questions asked refund if you’re not happy with your purchase.

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