Rasta Imposta A Christmas Story Bunny Hoodie, 7-10


Perhaps Ralphie would have been less embarrassed had he received a this pink bunny hoodie instead of the full body bunny suit on Christmas. Perhaps he would have been glad to have the extra pair of glasses to make up for wrecking his while trying out his new gun. Why not give your child a Christmas Story Bunny Hoodie and see how he reacts? Either he’ll show that appreciation for bunny suits has risen since back in the day, or that embarrassing gifts remain bad no matter what generation receives them!Includes: Hoodie, Glasses
Thousands of costumes.
Accessories for kids and adults of all ages!
HA HA Hoodies are simple costume alternatives that are funny and can be worn year-round
This is an officially licensed A Christmas Story item
Fits children ages 7 through 10
80% Cotton, 20% Polyester

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