[RE-UPLOAD] BTS Awkward / Embarrassing Moments

Hey dalbulmul! This video was uploaded on Jin’s birthday, so this video is now dedicated to Jin 😀

Where have I been? I’m so sorry everyone but I took a long break from here because of lots of things. A main reason though was that I didn’t have the passion to make videos again. But I also got Kpop amino which has now sucked up my whole life I’m not gonna lie. I’m not promising that I’m back to make videos again fully, but finding this video on my iPad and wanting to edit it again to upload it for you all to see again is a start, right?

If you’re wondering why this got taken down in the first place, it was because of a copyright claim by Naver V. They took down three of my videos and I put some others on private to avoid my channel being blocked. I also got a copyright strike on my channel which expires on the 11th of December. I was so upset about this that I cried so hard. I thought about all my work being done for nothing (also, the views on most of the videos had 100,000 – 400,000 views).

Anyways, I’m sorry and I hope you all have a lovely day / night. Thanks for supporting me. Love you ~ ^^

(none of these clips belong to me; credits go to the owners)

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