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➜What’s up guy’s my name is Luke or More now known as GottaNippleOn (I AM GNO), and I make all sorts of video’s on my channel, ranging from Gaming, Vlogs & Tip’s n’ Tricks’ Videos. If you want to check any of them out here is a playlist for ya:

➜All Videos:

➜So what do I bring to YouTube & why should you stick around:
Well my channel is 1 where it dosen’t just display the same old rubbish, i am always trying to give you guys new and entertaining content and im forever coming up with series that don’t really go to far, purely because the content is quite hard to make :p, regardless they are always something different and innovative.

➜The fun really doesn’t stop there though I really like the idea of helping other’s out with there channels, that ranging from making thumbnails or even channel art, avatars & more. Even more so if I manage to find the time, every now and then I will do a shout-out Video, so you might wanna stay tuned for those 😉 and of course feel free to contact me through any of the links above

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