Top 10 Most AWKWARD MOMENTS In YouTube Videos

Top 10 Most Awkward Videos On YouTube That Came From YouTubers. If you know some other awkward videos let me know what they are in the comments!
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10. LAHWF Telling People Corny Jokes:
9. Faze Adapt Dancing In Public:
8. It’sPrime Faze Apex Presentation:
7. JStuStudios Being Awkward At College:
6. PewDiePie New Car:
5. EpicFiveTV Creepy Handshake:
4. BigDawsTv Awkward Phone Calls:
3. Tana Mongeau Peed On Shane Dawson:
2. NELK Singing Love Songs To Girls During University Lectures:
1. Kissing Prank – Mom In Front of Kids Edition:

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