Top Hilarious moments in Australian Politics 2017 | Funniest Aussie Politicians | #auspol

A compilation of the funniest and most embarrassing moments showing Australian politics at its best, or worst, in 2017. The world of politics isn’t without its uncomfortable gaffes or strange times.

00:06 Barnaby Joyce – ‘Done and dusted old mate’
00:40 Ten questions with Bill shorten
00:56 Nick Xenophon – Big weekend
01:18 Brendan O’Connor – ‘Where are the journalists’
01:42 Cori Bernadi – ‘Family First’
01:51 Barnaby Joyce – ‘Not Happy’
02:18 Barnaby Joyce – Flabbergasted
02:46 Ian McDonald – ‘Don’t have the power’
03:26 Coach sammy Joe – Tony Abbott
04:10 Malcolm Turnbull – Tongue tied
04:30 Christopher Pyne – ‘Working at David Jones’
04:50 Ed Balls – Hairy Story
05:38 Samoan Police – Thriller
06:06 Ian Goodenough
06:27 Winston Peter’s – Tired
06:40 Senator Brandass
07:19 Wheatgrass shots n Free Wifi
07:32 Me brother’s car got bogged
07:45 Mad Katter – Crocs
08:05 Penny Wong – Trackies
08:24 Malcolm Turnbull – Don’t stuff it up
08:51 Confused

Source – ABC Australia

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