Warm Scarf Winter Soft Thick Neck Fashionable for woman by MissDill, Large, Black


The fur of rabbit is the material which very warm and feels very smooth.It’s a fashion sign in winter.Make women look softer and classy.


length: 39 in”
Width: 8 in”

We have a professional team.Please don’t be hesitate to contact us if you have any problem.Nature:Select the natural animal fiber.Pick the 14 microns fur from fresh rabit.Withstand cold for you together with warm.
Fitness:The length and width is contrapose the scale of women.We also upgrade the curve to maximize comfort.
Health:All the raw material through strict quality control and sterilization.It is environmental with silky touch.No odor and not allergic.
Thickness:The density of shell fabric is higher than others.Amazingly,it is thick and solid but light.Then you can exercise without constraint.
Exquisite:Introduce the technology about nanofabrication to avoid the droppong of the embarrassing situation.Give every woman the most delicate care.

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